Tell Me Lies

14. května 2010 v 17:53
It's in your eyes
Feelings can't be disguised
'Cause the truth makes me want you
To tell me lies
My biggest fear
Is crying oceans of tears
I would rather you not be so sincere
How cold could you be

How Do You Love Someone

9. května 2010 v 15:22 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
Mama never taught me how to love
Daddy never taught me how to feel
Mama never taught me how to touch
Daddy never showed me how to heal
Mama never set a good example
Daddy never held mama's hand

Hot Mess

9. května 2010 v 15:18 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
I'm a mess when it comes to you
I've got no inhibitions whatsoever it's true
I'm not the kinda girl who runs around like this
Caught up in a kiss . . . best friends with benefits, no
But you're so racy . . . you're my favorite guy
So unruly . . . so uncivilized


9. května 2010 v 15:15 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
Yeah eh eh eh, oh
I pass my reflection . . .
It's someone else
I see your invention
And not myself
I turned into your perfect girl
A total stranger . . .


9. května 2010 v 15:11 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
Hip shaker, dream maker, heartbreaker, earth quaker
I can be anything that you want me to
Coin spender, mind-bender, jet-setter, go-getter
Change up my getup for anything you choose
I don't mind trying on someone else
I won't mind seeing just how it felt
I might like changing my disguise
To make you happy
Here's my formal invitation
You and me go masquerading
Lose ourselves in this charading
Is this love we're imitating
Do we want what we got?
If not I say so what
Here's my formal invitation
La la la la
You can be my…

It's Alright, It's Ok

9. května 2010 v 15:09 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
You told me,
There's no need,
To talk it out, cause it's too late,
To proceed,
And slowly, I took your words and walked away
No looking back,
I won't regret, no
I will find my way
I'm broken,
But still I have to say

Acting Out

9. května 2010 v 15:02 | Ashley Tisdale SK Daily
Up above the surface I was just a perfect child
But underneath it all I was craving to be wild
Don't you judge by the cover it's so far from what you see
I'm losin' all my patience waiting on you to believe
I'm suffocating, I can't breathe